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Train your mind...
Strengthen your business acumen...
Work, live holistically.

Growth Gen (GG) is a small business community with a difference.

We’re not just focused on business

We’re focused on life too. 

We know that small business owners are in a constant juggle. Life affects work. Work affects life. And if you’re going to survive and thrive, you need to look after yourself. So our community is as much about care and support as it is about business.

We’re online and easy

Your days are too full already.

Fitting in full day events is hard. Then there’s the travel time, maybe the cost of parking. And we know you don’t want to schlep half way across town for just a couple of hours.

So we don’t make you come to the events. We come to you. Grab yourself a coffee, settle at your desk and join us online. Heck, join us from the couch if you prefer. We won’t mind.

We’re flexible to suit you

You can decide how you want to participate. From summits with over 100 attendees to boards which are strictly limited numbers, pick the experience you want and join us.

The Growth Gen Story

Growth Gen began in 2020, in the confusion of the first wave of Coronavirus. More than ever, small businesses were struggling – with business and with life. And we were all discovering Zoom…


Founder Eyob Yesus realised the technology could connect us even in these difficult times – and that we needed connection. So Growth Gen was born.


But it’s not just a one-off. Like life, Growth Gen is a journey. Regular events. A living and growing community…

Welcome to the new era of living your business with Growth Gen.

The Growth Gen Mission

Our mission is

'Generational Growth for businesses that want to live'

What does that mean?

‘Generational’ is an idea full of meaning. Building and creating something – that’s your business and its purpose. There’s a sense of family, of passing things on. Creating a legacy.

So is ‘wanting to live’. At Growth Gen, we mean really live, not just exist. It’s about a business which not only sustains you financially, but gives you the time and opportunity to enjoy your life and to grow.

At Growth Gen, we want to help you grow your business, and grow your life. Our goal is to provide the value needed for small business leaders to survive and grow.

That’s why we run events where you can make inspiring, practical and thought driven connections to help you move forward. Events which combine mindful training and business acumen. Events where you can:

  • Network with other businesses to form solid relationships

  • Collaborate to solve your challenges and opportunities

  • Learn and grow by strengthening your mind and business knowledge 

Growth Gen Business Coaching and Networking | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Australia

Work-Life Framework

Growth Gen’s work-life framework is a model to help you gain and keep the clarity you need to achieve your goals. Read more about it in our series of articles:

Glasses and Notebook


There are six pillars to the GrowthGen Work-Life Framework. Today let’s look at the first one – clarity.


Once you’ve clarified where you want to be in life and in business, how do you get there?

Image by Ben White
Businessman on Phone


No one else will understand your vision like you do. How do you communicate this?


You need to focus on the business side of things. So many small business people start out just believing their skill is going to make them money.

Accounting Tasks


Innovation in small business is actually about understanding what you can do just a little bit differently from your competitor.


Everything starts with honing in on people who will value your vision and be committed to it.

Staff Meeting
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