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Experience the power of Growth Gen, designed to seamlessly integrate with your bustling small business lifestyle. Say goodbye to travel woes and traffic as most of our business events are hosted virtually, allowing you to engage and interact from the serene comfort of your home office. When we do host in-person events, we make them worth your time. Take charge of your schedule and choose the events that resonate with your goals and aspirations while committing to work on your business for a minimum of two and half hours with GG Board. With a diverse range of four dynamic business event types, embark on a transformative journey towards success.

GG Summit

4 hours online, quarterly


Attended by 80-120 people, with speakers, panels and breakout sessions on a range of business and wellbeing topics


Ideal for broad learning, community building and networking

GG Workshops

1 hour online, monthly


Deep dive into the topic of the month with an expert facilitator and a small group (up to 25) of committed business owners


Ideal for small-group learning about a specific topic, and how to apply it in your situation

GG Board

2.5 hours online, monthly


Non-competing business owners meet regularly to discuss and find solutions for the issues they are facing.


Maximum group size of 10. Expert facilitator. Complete confidentiality with no competitors present.

GG Networking

1.5 hours online, monthly

Businesses connect through virtual rooms, speed networking and get to see an insightful presentation, panel or Q&A.


Ideal for networking and meeting business leaders.

GG Life 

Various hours in-person, occasional


Designed to take small business owners out of the everyday and into an inspiring, open and resourceful space.


Maximum group size of starts from 12. Expert facilitator. Incentive tour to a Christmas Party.

Experience the unique and impactful offerings that set Growth Gen apart. Don't miss out on this opportunity to ignite your growth and become a part of our vibrant community.

Highly recommended valuable resource and solution for CEO’s, Directors, SME Business owners, looking to connect with a group of high calibre thinkers & fellow business owners to grow their business.
I love the Monthly Board Meetings, where you can collaboratively tap into, the collective experience of the members… just like having your very own Board of Directors, to brainstorm your goals with and iron out the roadblocks in your business.

I encourage you to each out to the amazing team and Growth Generation and get a taste of a Next Level of support for your business.

Nomiki Georgiadis, Biz Buzz

Witness the astounding impact of our virtual events as businesses unite and forge valuable relationships within the first year of our operations. We proudly exemplify the immense potential of conducting business in a virtual realm, enabling seamless connectivity and collaboration. But we don't stop there. Every month, we organise captivating face-to-face networking events, allowing our members to personally connect and foster meaningful connections. And what better way to cherish the spirit of togetherness than by celebrating Christmas with an unforgettable party? Experience the best of both worlds with our innovative blend of virtual and in-person engagements.

Join us and embrace a new era of networking and celebration.

Growth Gen Business Coaching and Networking | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Australia

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