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Welcome to the new era of ‘living’ your business with Growth Gen.

Growth Gen, (GG) is an exciting business community that combines living and business to deliver a generational and timeless work-life frame.

Generational refers to creating a mission to live your business. The work-life frame refers to structure and results.

The environment has changed for entrepreneurs and creating inspiring, practical and thought driven connections will be the key to fighting forward. We host several events that will assist you to:

  • Connect with businesses and form solid relationships.

  • Collaborate and solve your challenges and opportunities.

  • Learn and grow by strengthening your mind and business knowledge.

Start your journey with us today by booking a complimentary GG Board Meeting to see what we deliver for your business. So get GG’d Up and Book Today!


Be part of our community… Train your mind...
Strengthen your business acumen... Work, live holistically.

One (1) Year


  • Twelve (12) GG monthly board meetings. (3hrs)

  • Four (4) GG Quarterly Live Virtual Summit Passes. (4hrs)

  • Three (3) monthly workshops (1hr)

  • Growth Gen Welcome Pack

  • Member access to our network

  • Member access to our resources

  • 2hr coaching session

Six (6) Month Membership

  • Six (6) GG monthly board meetings (3hrs)

  • Two (2) GG Quarterly Live Virtual Summit Passes. (4hrs)

  • Six (6) monthly workshops (1hr)

  • Growth Gen Welcome Pack

  • Member access to our network

  • Member access to our resources

  • 1hr coaching session

Three (3) Month Membership

  • Three (3) GG monthly board meetings (3hrs)

  • One (1) GG Quarterly Live Virtual Summit Passes. (4hrs)

  • Three (3) monthly workshops (1hr)

  • Growth Gen welcome pack

  • Member access to our network

  • Member access to our resources

  • 1hr coaching session

Why join Growth Gen?
  • Connect with businesses and build solid relationships

  • Collaborate and solve your challenges and opportunities in business

  • Strengthen both your mind and business knowledge

  • Join our series of events that are exciting and engaging  

  • Facilitated by qualified coaches and professional speakers to support you

  • Super supportive for SME’s that have been established for 3-5years

Our Work-Life Framework

Work-Life Frame Markers

Frequently asked questions

What is GG’s Vision?

Our vision is to deliver a holistic approach to doing business by combining mindful training and business acumen.

How many types of events do you host in a year?

  • 4 Live Virtual Summits (Virtual)
  • Minimum 12 Monthly Workshops (Virtual)
  • Minimum 24 Monthly GG Boards (Virtual)
  • Minimum 2 GG Nature (in person)
  • Minimum 4 GG

How is Growth Gen different to other business communities?

  • We combine mindful training and business acumen
  • A series of different events that have different touch points rather than one event for all your learnings and networking
  • A balance of Virtual and in person events
  • Our in-person networking events are super interactive and exciting
  • Exciting local and international speakers

What do I have access to?

The GG network, resources and our incredible coaches.

Do you allow more than one business type to join?

Yes, we do. Our group networking is small, so we break them up into several groups.

Who facilitates the meetings and networking?

Our professional coaches and event staff.

What is GG Board Meeting?

Take a deep dive into discussing your challenges and opportunities with a group of businesses that are looking to collaborate and create a holistic approach to doing business. The GG boards is a great way for you as a business leader to anchor down once a month and work on your business by sharing the challenges or opportunities that you'd like to bring in front of ten business that are willing to share their input and experience on how they were able to overcome or win in business.

  • Type of event – Meeting
  • Event frequency – Once a month
  • Duration – 3hrs
  • Expected no of attendees – 10 – 12max

What is GG Live Virtual Summit?

Our goal with our live virtual summit is to inspire you. More importantly, take great insights from our fantastic line-up of speakers and implement their shared knowledge into your life and business. It’s a super exciting event that is engaging and full of surprises.

  • Type of event – Summit
  • Event frequency – Quarterly
  • Duration – 4hrs
  • Expected no of attendees – 85 – 160

What are GG Workshops?

Monthly workshops with qualified coaches and business experts that will take you through a relevant business or mindful subject to improve your business and mindset.

  • Type of event – Workshop
  • Event frequency – Monthly
  • Duration – 1hr
  • Expected no of attendees – 15 - 25

What’s my next step and how do for myself?

Book a GG Board and experience it yourself. Contact our team and enquire about joining our membership. We look forward to hearing from you.

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