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Business Mentor


Hi I’m Marjory Kari. As a business coach and Leadership Trainer I have 15 years’ experience analysing businesses and managing change. 

Over the last 6 years I have been helping small business owners across a range of services and industries change their livelihoods by giving them more than advice on how to grow and structure their business. I provide the tools and techniques to raise your standards, grow as individuals and build strong teams with shared values, solid communication procedures and united goals. 

I am a lifelong adventurer who loves yoga, is a book worm, needs decluttering lessons and only cooks with a recipe. 

Most Importantly I am a mum to 2 amazing humans who are my greatest teachers and inspire me every day.



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Legal Mentor 


Luis is a certified expert in Commercial Litigation, dedicating his practice to handling cases in Commercial (litigation and general), Insolvency, and Debt recovery. His professional focus revolves around collaborating with insolvency practitioners and diverse business entities across a wide range of industries, including financial services, hire and rental, real estate, construction, manufacturing, and retail.

As a seasoned litigator, Luis is frequently sought after to provide his expertise in assisting clients with intricate commercial disputes. His extensive experience allows him to navigate complex legal challenges effectively and provide valuable insights to his clients.



Small Business Owner Mentor


Fifteen years ago, when we were a young couple with a growing family, we courageously embarked on the journey of business ownership. Throughout the highs and lows, we embraced every learning opportunity that came our way. As a self-professed workaholic, I am proud to be part of a dynamic husband and wife team that truly cherishes the business journey.

My area of expertise lies in business systems, procedures, and the formation of robust teams that can ensure the smooth functioning of the business, even in my absence, while also driving profitability.

Our venture into entrepreneurship began in 2007 when my husband, Adam, took the bold step of leaving his job to establish an Electrical and Mechanical business specializing in automation, known as Automated Control Solutions. Building upon the knowledge gained from Automated, and fueled by our passion for continuous learning, we later launched Absolute Corporate Solutions—a company dedicated to streamlining accounts, bookkeeping, and systems. Drawing from the lessons we learned with Automated, we have assisted numerous individuals in navigating the complex terrain of business.

As directors of these companies, my team and I have the privilege of sharing our skills and experiences with fellow business owners. With my strong leadership abilities, expertise in systems, and a proven track record of building businesses from the ground up, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I am fueled by a genuine passion for ongoing learning, which further enriches my approach to the world of business.



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Marketing Mentor


As CEO of OnePoint I have driven innovation, transformation and best practice. I have always strived to have a client-focused business that delivers commercial outcomes for our clients through the integration of multiple Marketing and Communication disciplines. OnePoint has won many awards including two AMIA Awards. In 2009. At the peak of the GFC we won the Deliottes fastest growing business in NSW and ACT for a business under 15 years of age and under 20 staff. We have since received Marketing awards, Best Practice Awards, Printing Awards and a Podi Marketing Award for International campaigns. Kerim is the Managing partner of a privately owned investment company that in 2005 was involved in property development project that had a realisation value of $15 million dollar. The 22 town house development in the Inner West of Sydney was the first of its kind in the area and set the benchmark at the time for the remaining developments in the vicinity. I also completed a two-year period on the B2B Marketing expert panel at ADMA Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising. In the last 6 years I have been on a PWC Advisory committee for the Print Industry.

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Leadership Mentor 


Shane is a seasoned CEO, executive coach, management consultant, facilitator, and trainer who possesses extensive experience in both local and international business operations. He has successfully established three start-ups and has effectively managed publicly listed companies. Shane exhibits a proven track record in developing strategies and driving enhanced sales and financial outcomes. His exceptional communication skills foster a collaborative environment, enabling teams and individuals to swiftly identify and address challenges and capitalize on opportunities by implementing actionable solutions. Shane holds formal qualifications in HR from UNSW, Accounting from UTS, Marketing from UTS, and Coaching from IECL. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Shane's skill set encompasses sales and customer development, leadership and culture change, strategy creation and implementation, brand management and growth, as well as financial and commercial acumen. His comprehensive knowledge extends to distribution as well.



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Wellbeing Mentor


Anthony is an internationally renowned speaker, mental health advisor, and holistic health podcaster. With deep dedication and enthusiasm, he delivers engaging presentations on a diverse array of health and wellbeing topics, including mental health, nutrition, and holistic approaches to overall wellness. Anthony's speaking repertoire encompasses captivating discussions on Mindset, Stress Management, Mental Health, Men's and Women's Health, as well as Holistic Health and Nutrition. He has had the privilege of sharing his expertise with esteemed clients such as Amazon, JP Morgan, LJH Hooker, CSL, Alstom Transport, WeWork, and DataDog, among others.



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Systems and Process Mentor

I’ve been systemising businesses since 2020.When I read the SYSTEMology® book, I loved it so much I made it my mission to help as many business owners implement SYSTEMology as I could. I believe all business owners deserve Complete Business Reliability.


As a certified SYSTEMologist®, I have been trained and authorised to deliver SYSTEMology services – from group programs to done-for-you services. There are a few ways I can help you and I will tailor our approach depending on your objectives.

That said, regardless of how we work together, I will follow be following the 7 stages of SYSTEMology.



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Life Mentor 

Roy Kwan is an incredibly skilled personal transformation coach, who uses range of practical modalities which achieve rapid results for clients, including overcoming stress & anxiety, maximising performance, and increasing income and business success.


He is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, and Rapid Change Technologies (RCT) Coaching, and has been trained in life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching and health coaching. 


With 13 years of business consulting experience in companies, such as QBE, Allianz and NAB, Roy has helped CEOs and senior executives improve customer experience, process efficiencies and compliance within their operations. He has a black belt in Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodologies. 


As an accomplished speaker, Roy has won Toastmaster competitions at club and area divisions, has run workshops for Investment NSW, Sydney Startup Hub, Spark Festival, Fishburners and Meetup events, and has appeared on ABC and Alive 90.5FM.


In his free time, Roy trains as a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and volunteers as an ethics teacher at his daughter's primary school.



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Creator and Founder

iCR8Safety’s creator and founder, Tina Fernandez, has more than 25 years’ experience in human resources, risk, sales, commercial operations, business mentoring and coaching roles across multiple industries.

Tina’s professional experience, working at all levels including direct reporting lines to C-levels and boards, has equipped her with a unique perspective.  

Many of Tina's roles have involved building and expanding teams including across multiple sites and with remote workers across organisations. Tina has practical experience in mapping out growth pathways for individuals, teams and organisations plus a deep understanding of the barriers and gaps that delay successful outcomes and how to shift these. Coaching at life, business and executive levels has allowed Tina to consistently nurture and grow safe spaces across a diverse portfolio. 

In addition to her professional background, Tina has nearly 25 years’ experience in the mindfulness space having both studied and taught eastern philosophies and meditation. These ancient practices focus on the internal journey every individual undertakes and the way each of us perceives and translates our thoughts and emotions into the actions that are played out in daily life.

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