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Affiliate Partners

American Express 

American Express has a 170 years of history built on service, trust and security that have helped them develop one of the world’s most recognised brands.


When Growth Gen considered an affiliate partner with a financial institution, we did our research on the benefits for small business leaders and how smart financing and can assist them with their cashflow, earn and redeem points and spend with partners that are a part of your every day transaction in business. 

American express Business Charge Card can cover  invoices for up to 55 days! Meanwhile, you earn rewards points as a return on the investment.


Here are some of the benefits; ​

  • No Pre-Set Spending Limit – With spend potential of up to $125K per month (based on a good payment history)

  • Member Rewards Points – Allowing you to extensive travel, redeem gift cards or even pay back into the account

  • Up to 55 Days of Cash Flow – Allowing you to extend your terms and hold onto your cash for longer (including foreign exchange expenses)

  • Charge Card – Therefore interest free as long as balance is paid before due date

  • Ability to pay ATO/TAX – (the only card you can earn points on when paying BAS) 

  • No pre-set spending limit – (support to your businesses purchasing needs), take advantage of building up your dynamic limit to maximize cash flow for future purchases or projects as the business grows.

  • Best rewards program in the Market – (points redemption for hotels, flights, gift cards to incentivize and recognize staff) – offsets travel costs depending on spend. 

  • Ability to earn points – from your own savings instead of credit ( charge card ability to pay like EFT) – NO Cap or Expiry on points accumulated

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Unlock new markets, win back your profit margin, and fulfil your global ambitions. Join thousands of other businesses already using Airwallex to save on operating costs and streamline their finances globally.


Airwallex is a fantastic platform that is reimagining business finance for a globalised world, throwing old-school banking and clunky software out the window.

With their multi-currency business accounts, physical and virtual Airwallex Borderless Cards, and payment gateway, you can receive and hold in 11+ foreign currencies, pay out to 190+ countries at market-leading rates.

This platform was innovative enough for us to recommend it our members who want to scale globally. When you sign-up to Airwallex with Growth Gen the first AUD 20,000 of foreign exchange free. That's $0 fees and 0% margin on their first AUD 20,000 in FX conversions (or equivalent)*.

To Sign-up - Click Here

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