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GG Summit 2020 - Business Coaching & Networking Event

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

An incredible start to Growth Gen 2020's business coaching and networking event. Our team reflected on the purpose of the event and why it is super important for small businesses to combine mindful training and strong business acumen to ‘live’ their business. The truth is, small business owners think that they can separate their lives from their business however the reality is that most of them have to juggle both and most of the times their business affects their lives and vice versa.

The key is not balance but a structure. A work-life frame that will see them enjoy the process, collaborate more and deliver a holistic approach to doing business.

Growth Gen Business Coaching and Networking - Actionable Business Advice for Small Business Owners

So, what did Growth Gen deliver? A powerful mindful keynote with Pauline Nguyen as a spiritual entrepreneur which was really well received. A studio set-up that set us apart from any other virtual event out there. A world first, a music demo-tainment with ShaunMaster Music. A good balance of mindful and business workshops. 3 Questions with SuperTee (Charity initiative) and plenty of engagement via tech and breakout sessions.

  • Full video production crew that delivered a fantastic experience including video stings, countdown and more.

  • Practical advice, exercises and keynote presentations from expert business coaches that engaged our audience at home.

  • Breakout sessions, online polling questions, QandA, rating, quiz and more for added engagement and an opportunity to networking with other business owners.

  • Businesses in the room were able to ask 2 experts about what they can do today in their business from a legal and numbers perspective.

  • Keynote speakers both onsite and offsite delivering exciting presentations that were practical and thought driven.

  • A gift pack that each participant receives and were able to use during the event in a sequenced and scheduled activity based business and mindful training.

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