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Mastering the art of achieving more by doing less

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Your organisation generates revenue by selling products or services to customers. Approaching problems from a customer perspective As a decision maker, if you reframe all business challenges from a customer centric perspective and assess potential solutions from this perspective, you get the opportunity to identify solutions that address the root cause. The key benefit being, the solution you arrive at is strategic and provides your organisation with the opportunity to simply remove costly noise or stopping non-value activities which ultimately translates to increased profits. For example, when leaders tackle the problem of being too busy by outsourcing all the time consuming tasks they don’t want to do, they replace time spent doing a task with time spent hiring, training and then checking what someone else has done. Applying a customer perspective to move the boundaries of possibilities If you reframe the question of why you are busy from an internal perspective to looking at it from a customer lens, you might start by mapping out how you interact with different customers. The exercise helps identify your ideal customers, not so ideal customers and the time you spend with different customers. Your solution may be to invest your precious time servicing ideal customers and reducing or no longer investing time with customers who don’t value your time. This solution of focusing time with ideal customers also strategically achieves the goal of being less busy… and may lead to more profitability if time saved from stopping tasks removes the need to substitute one task with another task. Next time you are feeling stressed, take a moment to reframe your challenges and explore possible solutions from a customer perspective.. then feel the difference achieving more by doing less has on your business and your personal life.

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