Growth Gen Summit Program

Event Opening 

12:15 pm

GG Live Virtual Event Starts


MC Opening 

12:30 pm

Welcome to Growth Gen!

Housekeeping and

GG Announcements

Opening Keynote

12:35 pm

Dr Kristy Goodwin 

Thriving Digitally: Decode the neurobiology of peak performance in a digital age. (M)

GG Opening 

1:05 pm

GG Board, GG Workshops and GG Summit - A taste of our community. 

Biz quiz - Do you know how to run your business? Fun, snappy and challenging. 

Mindful activity - Clarity is the key. Another mindful activity for you. 

Thank you partners.

Q&A with PWC

1:15 pm

Rubal Walia (Director) and Steven Schipelliti (Senior Consultant)

How to get the right business structure in place from the start to avoid future pitfalls. (B)


1:45 pm

Breakout Room 1

Rebecca Swanson

Is trapped emotional energy holding you back from success? (M)

Breakout Room 2

Monica Rosenfeld

Why is my competitor being interviewed on TV again, when I’m the true expert? (B)

Breakout Room 3

Marbyn and Gez

Customer Centricity at the Core: creating advocates for your business



2:15 pm




2:20 pm

Breakout Room 1

Chris Schwagger

How to Present Personalised Videos to Hook Prospects Attention, and Shorten Sales Cycles (B)

Breakout Room 2

Arjun Paliwal 

Are you utilizing real estate data appropriately for your investing journey? (B)

Breakout Room 3 

Ian Bonnick

How to turn your story into impact and income. (B)

Panel Discussion - Business Acumen

2:50 pm

Anthony Moss, Brian Doughty and  Michael Fox. 

Match your vision with a strategy that works. 

  • How to match your vision with a strategy that works.

  • What are the key components to a solid strategy.

  • How do you implement the strategy successfully and what's required. (B)

GG Interlude

3:15 pm

Wholesome recipes with GG

3 Questions with Pawsitive Steps - Mind Connections Foundation

Amazing Prize Giveaways 

GG Board - Let's Connect!

3:30 pm

The GG boards is a great way to anchor down once a month and work on your business by sharing the challenges or opportunities that you'd like to bring in front of ten business that are willing to share their input and experience on how they were able to overcome or win in business. 

Our resident coach, Rebecca Swanson will facilitate this LIVE and you'll get a chance to connect and collaborate with other businesses in the virtual room.  

Closing Keynote

4:00 pm

Amanda Campbell

Amanda’s personal story of transformation learning how to walk again


Event Finish

4:30 pm

We'll continue to connect and collaborate till 5pm. Stick around if you'd like to meet other businesses in the room. 

*(M) - Mindful Expert (B) - Business Expert