The Key is Clarity

There are key roles that you play in your life and in your business. You are a father, you are a sister, you are a son, you are an entrepreneur or you are a painter. Whatever your role, download the attached sheet and start filling it in so that you can get some clarity on the following;

  • Defining your role in life and in business, for example, ‘My role as a father is to love my kids unconditionally and provide them with as many tools as possible to succeed’.

  • Understand your goal towards that particular role. For example, My goal (as an entrepreneur) is to make an impact in this world by serving my clients, looking after my staff and stakeholders to deliver a profitable company. 

  • Write a defining affirmation so that you can repeat and visualise it every day. For example, – I am an event manager that delivers powerful, meaningful and engaging experiences that connect people.

  • Last but not least, visualise it, close your eyes and picture yourself delivering your promised affirmation today. 

The Spiritual Entrepreneur with Pauline Nguyen -

GG Summit 2020. 

Pauline Nguyen Speaks is a best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman – and her achievements are all the more impressive for her having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp. She has overcome these adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo and hacking cultural norms to become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Key takeaways:

  • How to master your emotions to stay cool under pressure. 

  • Finding inner peace amongst the chaos and confusion.

  • Cultivating Self Mastery of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset.

Strong business acumen: What do I do today? With Brian Doughty and Vivian Nguyen - GG Summit 2020

Welcome to the interactive open discussion with our experts about some of the challenges that we are facing as businesses in this new era of COVID. We want to strengthen your business acumen today and want you to have your questions ready for our experts. The whole idea is to give you immediate results and advise for your business. Please ensure that you have your live or virtual pack ready for this session including the calculator that was sent to you.

Brian Doughty

Brian Doughty is the Principal of The Outsourced CFO and a Chartered Accountant, holding an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Brian focusses his skills on helping small business develop and grow. He’ll be answering all your financial questions.

Vivian Nguyen

Driven, strong and confident - Vivian Nguyen is a Partner at HNT Legal and leads the Commercial Law and Litigation Divisions of the firm with commanding force. Her unique ability to ‘think outside the box’ continues to ensure that her clients get the best options available to them and allows the firm to deliver services of a high-quality calibre. Vivain will be answering all your legal requirements. We also want to Vivian and her team for sponsoring our first Growth Gen.

Looking for business grants during these times?

Find grants, funding and support programs from across government to help your business grow and succeed! When searching for funding, keep in mind that you’ll generally need to meet certain criteria to be eligible, and that aside from funding assistance, many programs can help your business by building your skills and knowledge.

Forget big change, start with a tiny habit - BJ Fogg

Its a must watch TEDx Video. We believe in building good habits to deliver that all important work-life frame. Changing your behaviour can be as simple as doing 2 push-ups a day. Watch this video by author BJ Fogg. 

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