Are you utilizing real estate data appropriately for your investing journey?

Perhaps you are unsure of where to start with all the real estate data that is available? Or are you an experienced investor who simply wants to enhance your research process?

In this workshop, Arjun Paliwal dives deep into effectively using real estate data to improve your investing decisions, reduce investing mistakes and remove the fluff and complexity that often clouds the real estate world by analysing the indicators and influencers that matter.

Arjun Paliwal is the Co-founder of The Property Nerds real estate data and research firm and also the Head of Research at InvestorKit Buyers Agency. Arjun is Real estate Business Australia's (REB) "Rising Star" award winner for 2020, and is Australia's Buyers Agent of the year finalist for 2021. Many of Australia's real estate professionals, real estate media companies, and property investors utilise The Property Nerds data and insights to make informed investing decisions.

InvestorKit are industry leading and award winning researchers and buyers agents. They specialise in helping property investors scale, grow and diversify their investment portfolio using residential and commercial property.

Winners of the highly competitive Real Estate Business "Rising Star" (REB) 2020 award winners.

Company summary
"The Property Nerds are a leading real estate data and research firm focussed on helping investors unpack crucial real estate data and deep dive into Australia's hot and cold property markets, latest headlines and market trends."

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