Top 5 tips to creating a 'Trademarkable' Brand

What is a trademark ? Why is trademarking important to your business ? How to avoid infringement? Binh Rey's top 5 tips to create a trademarkable brand.

1. Company name does not protect you for the legal use of the brand name

2. Take the time to research the brand name before launching it

3. Top 5 tips on how to create a trademarkable brand

Binh Rey, Principal Trade Mark Attorney at Pointon Partners. She is known in the market place as the being the 'Queen of Trade Marks' as she has personally managed over 800 trade mark filings in Australia and around the world. Her success filing rate is over 90%, the reason for this is that she won't allow her clients to proceed with a trade mark filing if she believes it will be an issue. Her twenty years working in marketing prior to entering intellectual property protection industry as a trade mark expert, helps her to guide her clients to a brand name that will be likely to be trade mark and avoid potential infringement issues. She loves branding and trade mark law, and genuinely wants to see her clients succeed in their new ventures. She has appeared as a trade mark expert on SBS World news, Kochie's Business Builders program and quoted in Sydney Morning Herald. She holds a Masters of Business, Marketing and Trade Mark Attorney registration qualification.