How to Present Personalised Videos to Hook Prospects Attention, and Shorten Sales Cycles

Sometimes, life punches you in the gut and you’re completely unprepared. Today, sales access to prospects is at an all-time low, with prospects refusing to interact with salespeople. For businesses committed to surviving the inevitable transition to video, improving On-Camera Presentation skills is a mission-critical priority. If you’re finding it difficult to book meetings with prospects, there is a better way. In this presentation, Chris will show sales and marketing leaders how to use personalised videos to pivot and prosper in this new world. You’ll discover how to:

Position videos in your business to exceed the expectations of today’s buyer.

Lead yourself through adversity and overcome your on screen fobia.

Become an exemplary video leader who influences decisive action

Chris Schwager is an Inbound Video Marketing Specialist for Google’s highest rated video company in Australia, Ridge Films. He has a 20+ year history as a Video Director, Script Writer and Presenter as well as a regular Podcast Host and video coach. Chris is on a mission to change how Corporate Organisations, Government & Small Businesses use DIY and professional videos to improve communication, leads and sales."

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