Australia's premier 'Pain' coach, Winner 2021 NSW Health Innovator of the Year

Cut through the noise in your head so you can cut through the noise in the market.

Are you trapped in a cage with no bars, but a glass ceiling – or hamster wheel? Are you suffering from the pain of knowing you were meant for something more? Are you ready to give up or are you at times ready to give up hope for a fulfilling, anxiety-free personal and professional life?

Stop. Breathe. Meet Dawn Cady, Australia’s premiere pain – of every kind (and life) transformation coach.* Having struggled with debilitating adversity for over 30 years – battling disease and disability, navigating through every obstacle one can face - Dawn has wisdom born not only of education, but of experience.

Beyond her significant formal training Certified Coach, Psychotherapist EFT Practitioner, NOI Explain pain, Certified Emotional Intelligence, NLP Practitioner, she has dedicated the past 15 years to earnestly researching “a better way.” The result? Bringing together the world’s best healing techniques, The Neural Alignment Method is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real freedom from pain of every sort – without medication - and a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction from all areas of life. From individuals to corporations, from debilitating physical pain to mindsets that guarantee negative results at home and in the workplace,

Dawn has worked wonders across the board, regardless of age, location, or situation. Having gone through the journey of anguish, immobility, and heartbreaking relationship issues – both on a personal and professional level - to joy, success, and a thriving business, Dawn would be thrilled and honored to help you achieve the same prosperity…. Want to know more? Dawn is currently writing a book that will be inspirational as well as practical, including her recent interview with Dr. Phil on chronic pain. In the meantime, you can read about Dawn’s story in Living Your True Story.

Winner 2021 NSW Health Innovator of the Year,
Winner 2019 Change Maker,
Finalist 2019 Purpose Driven Entrepreneur,
Finalist 2021 2019 2018 Health Improvement,
Winner of People's Choice Award, 20,
Winner High Commended Business Award, 2018
Winner Bravery Award and 2018, Finalist Changemaker Award.