Thriving Digitally: Decode the neurobiology of peak performance in a digital age.

We’re spending more time than tethered to technology- for both work and leisure. It’s imperative that we foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure that our physical health and mental wellbeing are supported in a digital world that’s constantly vying for our attention. Stop digital burnout and help your employees to thrive online. In this presentation, Kristy equips attendees with simple solutions so they can thrive online (and offline), without suggesting that they on a #digitaldetox, or give up email.

1. Understand the SCIENCE of PRODUCTIVITY and WELLBEING in a digital landscape;
2. Explore a range of MICRO-HABITS they can implement to protect their PHYSICAL HEALTH and MENTAL WELLBEING and ;
3. Consider a variety of MICRO-HABITS they can utilise to ensure their PRODUCTIVITY is supported, not stifled through their DIGITAL BEHAVIOURS.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a speaker, author, researcher
and media commentator exploring the impacts that
our digitalised lives have on our physical health,
mental wellbeing and productivity. She is passionate
about igniting peak-performance in a digital age by
sharing brain-based solutions. Kristy explains how
the human brain and body operate in the digital
world we now live and work in.

With clients including Apple, the Reserve Bank of
Australia, Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Deutsche Bank,
the National Broadband Network, McDonald’s.
Optus and the NSW Department of Education Kristy
helps both large and small organisations support
their employees’ health, wellbeing and performance
in a digital landscape.

Kristy is regularly called upon by the media for her
expert opinion about the science of productivity
and wellbeing in a digitalised landscape. She’s adept
at providing research-backed solutions to foster
sustainable digital behaviours, without proposing
#digitaldetoxes or #phonebans. She appears on
TV, radio and print publications distilling the latest
science into practical and relevant information.

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