INTEGRATE - keys for busy high achievers to increase their capacity. Everyone is juggling huge demands at work and in their personal lives. By age 40 we start to hit our limits. Working harder is not the solution. Work is unrelenting and often dominates the rest of life in unhelpful and destructive ways. Burnout is real and is a slow burn that creeps up on you. My journey to a fulfilled lifestyle emerged after reflecting on a shattering burnout experience in 2007. I will share some of the keys I have learned in my keynote.

1. The first person you MUST lead well is yourself.
2. Self-leadership begins with self-respect and Self-respect is the gift ONLY YOU can give to yourself. It is never too late to build or rebuild your self-respect.
3. Fulfilment in life comes from a sense of sense of progress across all the key areas of your life.

John Drury is a Business Mentor who works with busy high achievers (business owners and corporate executives) to assist them achieve sustainable business success AND create a great lifestyle for themselves and their family. John is also in demand as a keynote speaker, and author of ‘INTEGRATE – why work-life balance is a myth and what you really need to create a fulfilling lifestyle’. To connect with John go to and follow him on Twitter @JDBizMentor and Instagram @JDBizMentor

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