A pathway to building a business that has a strategic marketing plan.

1. What the Marketing Building blocks
2. A Strategy
3. Reverse engineering Goals

As CEO of OnePoint I have driven innovation, transformation and best practice. I have always strived to have a client-focused business that delivers commercial outcomes for our clients through the integration of multiple Marketing and Communication disciplines. OnePoint has won many awards including two AMIA Awards. In 2009. At the peak of the GFC we won the Deliottes fastest growing business in NSW and ACT for a business under 15 years of age and under 20 staff. We have since received Marketing awards, Best Practice Awards, Printing Awards and a Podi Marketing Award for International campaigns. I was asked to be part of a leadership team to assist in transitioning the WSITC a government organization to a privately run organization. WSITC had 300 members with a turnover in excess of $700 million dollars. I was in a leadership role as Chairman for the first three years of a digital co-operative managing the needs and expectations of thirteen companies that collectively turned over in excess of $120 million dollars. I spent 3+2 years as a Director of the Italian Chamber of commerce and Industry. One of seventy-five chambers around the world that develop business between Italy and Australia. During my board period the Sydney Chamber became the number one Chamber in the world. I’m the Managing partner of a privately owned investment company that in 2005 was involved in property development project that had a realization value of $15 million dollar. The 22 town house development in the Inner West of Sydney was the first of its kind in the area and set the benchmark at the time for the remaining developments in the vicinity. I have been a guest speaker for Kodak, Canon, Lanier, NIPPA and Ricoh. OnePoint under the prografica brand where the first company to roll out Multi-Channel Cross Media strategies using PURL’s in Australia. I orchestrated the acquisition of three companies during the GFC, a print company in Artarmon, a digital Marketing company and a brand agency in the city. I also completed a two-year period on the B2B Marketing expert panel at ADMA Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising. In the last 6 years I have been on a PWC Advisory committee for the Print Industry.

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