Skyrocket Sales & Automate Everything Using Chatbots

Building a customer-getting, customer-serving Chatbot is one of the best Strategies that any business could implement in 2021. But even with the explosion of this game-changing technology across the world, many Australian business owners still struggle to understand the benefits.

In this presentation, the founder of The Incredibots Agency - Chatbot expert Quan Nguyen will help you uncover the power of utilising Chabots to automate all your marketing, lead gen, sales & customer support for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH in your business!

What the big brands are doing with their Chatbots to grow their business & delight their customers
The 6 Keys things to consider when choosing a chatbot platform
How to 2x your conversions by building interactive, conversational landing pages in minutes
How to create 1 chatbot that can deployed everywhere saving you thousands of $$$ (Website, Facebook Page, Google My Business, Youtube Channel, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack & QR Codes)
How to reduce your operational costs by up to 30% through automation
How to use QR Code Chatbots to build massive subscriber lists fast
The top 20 things that your chatbot can do without any human interaction to free up hours everyday

At the event Quan will be giving away a 66% Off Lifetime Discount to 2 of the best Chatbot & Live Chat Software on the market.

Quan Nuwen (pronounced Quan Nu-wen) is a tech entrepreneur and founder of the Incredibots Agency. He brings over a decade of business experience with a background in tech start-ups, automation & marketing. Possessing a natural sales & marketing ability, he has achieved over $10 million dollars in direct sales using automated lead generation & sales systems using chatbots & email marketing inside Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube & online banner ads He now uses this experience to help business leaders understand & utilise the power of Conversational Marketing & Business Automation using Chatbots.