Know yourself, nurture your Natural strengths and making them stronger and smash your Limiting beliefs

Sonya Furlong has been selected by the Australian Business Journal as one of the top 20 Personal Development Experts of 2022. Centre for Life Therapies was created by Sonya Furlong out of her desire to reach more people with the healing tools of life coaching, therapy, hypnosis and meditation so they can live their best lives. Beginning her career as a filmmaker in the Australian film industry, Sonya spent 15 years pursuing this passion which allowed her to travel the world and receive many awards. The proudest of which is the Australian Academy Award for a film she produced called “The Kiss”. Sonya then spent five years as an event manager, creating memories of a lifetime for her delegates including helicopters over Stonehenge and horse-drawn carriages through the city of London. These careers taught Sonya strong interpersonal skills, creative thinking, strategic management and negotiation. Through these decades Sonya was teaching and practicing meditation, finding it to be a rock in an ever-changing life. She studied life coaching and other modalities such as hypnosis and business coaching, wanting to create a business that combined meditation, yoga and life coaching to introduce others to the power of these healing modalities. In 2017 she began her business Sonya Furlong Life Coaching, and due to her success, expanded her business in 2019 to launch the Centre for Life Therapies.

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