Money is more than material - mindset is everything.

It will drive our opportunities, options and choices in life. Now more than ever, people need to understand and change for the better the impact money has on your overall wellbeing as much as your finances.
To be mindful with money, and to plan intentionally with your financial future is the only way to survive and thrive in this world. In her keynote speech, Vanessa will teach your how to:
Change your learned mindset around money and open up to the possibilities
Identify how to plan financially for your future, and show you the tools to do it
Teach you how to work with a financial planner, and what to expect when getting a plan
Your will walk away with a new energy to drive our financial potential, regardless of our environment.

Vanessa has more than 25 years of experience working with and on behalf of the finance industry. Her business is based in Sydney, and she lives in the Blue Mountains with her husband Paul and their three sons.
She teaches individuals, SMEs and corporates how to unlearn limiting money habits, leverage a stronger relationship with the finance industry, and ultimately change their mindset around wealth.
Vanessa is the founder of media production company evolution media group that collaborates with leading financial corporations from across the globe to create high quality, impactful video storytelling to help people learn more about money. (
She was the creator of NMP Education, the largest video learning platform for financial advisers in Australia, which was sold to ASX listed company OneVue in April 2018. She remains editorial director and writes for over 20,000 finance professionals weekly.(
Vanessa is also the author of top 10 best selling financial book “The Breakfast Club for 40 Something’s” - a fable that offers a new and entertaining way to change people’s long term financial behaviours; published by global publisher Wiley. She is the creator and host of Channel 9’s television series ‘The Secrets of the Money Masters’, which reached more than two million viewers in 2019.
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