Tuesday 14 June 2022 
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Small business community for CEO's, directors and leaders

You don’t work to live. If you did, you wouldn’t be running your own business.

You don’t live to work either. You want more. Family. Friends. Dreams. Personal growth and adventure.

You work AND live.

But the business owner’s life doesn’t fit into neat, separate little boxes. Work and home, family and deadlines – everything is connected. Everything changes constantly. There is no magical work-life balance to achieve. Instead, you have to roll with the ebb and flow of daily demands, keep your eyes on the long-term goals, and maybe even have some fun along the way.

Growth Gen is here to help you do that.

The community is flexible so you can participate the way you want to. From major quarterly events to intimate workshops, from one-on-one coaching to the tight-knit and supportive community of the GG Boards, you can connect and get the support you need, when you need it.

Online and accessible, so you don’t have the hassle and lost time of travel.

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Highly recommended valuable resource and solution for CEO’s, Directors, SME Business owners, looking to connect with a group of high calibre thinkers & fellow business owners to grow their business.
I love the Monthly Board Meetings, where you can collaboratively tap into, the collective experience of the members… just like having your very own Board of Directors, to brainstorm your goals with and iron out the roadblocks in your business.

I encourage you to each out to the amazing team and Growth Generation and get a taste of a Next Level of support for your business.

Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz


Just want to say Thanks so much for the Growth Gen 2020 event today online! It was soooo good! Loved all the speakers and was fully inspired. I really did not know what to expect but I had such a good afternoon.


Quote of the day from Pauline Nguyen: “We must learn to change before we are forced to change”.

Streamlined Organising


I attended the GG board and summit which has been very helpful as a manager for a not-for-profit organisation so I can think strategically and ensure the growth and sustainability of my organisation. I am very grateful for the opportunity and encourage any business or Not-for-profit organisation that seeks peer board and expert advise on specific challenges and opportunities.

Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency (MECA)







Connect with our community of energised and mindful business owners. 

Gain exposure for your product or service. Raise your business profile and build connections.

All partners enjoy branding, promotional and speaking opportunities. Coaches and mentors can also build profile and close connections by running one of our GG Boards.


Mentor Coach

Are you a mentor or coach looking to work closely with a small business community?


Want to grow your business by leveraging a great brand like Growth Gen? 

Take the opportunity to present at our events, host our GG Boards and work on building your business.