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GG Board

Tap into the experience, insight and support of other small business owners, in a high-trust, confidential environment.

Each GG Board is a group of up to 10 non-competing business owners, who meet monthly with the help of an expert facilitator. Members bring current challenges and opportunities to the table and benefit from the wide experience of their peers. Major corporates have Boards with experts drawn from all industries and fields of expertise, so they get the advantages of experience and collaboration in how they approach business problems. The GG Board is your chance to experience the same.


Each Board meeting lasts 2.5 hours, enabling in-depth discussion of the issues facing members at that time. To respect your time, meetings are scheduled at the beginning or the end of the day. They are designed as virtual events, so you don’t have to worry about travel and traffic. You can just concentrate on what matters – how to deal with the challenges you and your fellow Board members face.

For the GG Board to work effectively, trust between members is an absolute requirement. Ongoing attendance is a members-only privilege, but we invite you to attend one session and experience how a supportive peer group can identify and resolve all kinds of issues. 

Your first session is complimentary, but attendance is subject to approval by any competing business already in that GG Board.

If you’ve already attended a GG Board and you’d like to become an ongoing member, you will need to sign up for one of our membership packages.


Dec 11 - Dec 17
















In the interest of growing my network as a small business owner, I am part of a few different business network. What a refreshing change to be a part of Growth Gen! They offer so many virtual options (summits, workshops and networking events) but by far my favourite is the monthly GG boards. In a safe and supported space, I spend time with other small business owners and I can draw from each members experience and skills, the same way big corporates do from Boards:)

I was warmly welcomed to this network and the thought and consideration that goes into every single communication, is very obvious.

Sunelle de Pierres, AVO Virtual Services

Marjory Kari_headshot.jpg
Meet our Facilitator 

Marjory Kari

Hi I’m Marjory Kari. As a business coach and Leadership Trainer I have 15 years’ experience analysing businesses and managing change. 

Over the last 6 years I have been helping small business owners across a range of services and industries change their livelihoods by giving them more than advice on how to grow and structure their business. I provide the tools and techniques to raise your standards, grow as individuals and build strong teams with shared values, solid communication procedures and united goals. 


I am a lifelong adventurer who loves yoga, is a book worm, needs decluttering lessons and only cooks with a recipe. 

Most Importantly I am a mum to 2 amazing humans who are my greatest teachers and inspire me every day.

Join Marjory on the second Thursday of every month and the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Book now, your first one is complimentary.
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