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The Spiritual Entrepreneur with Pauline Nguyen -
GG Summit 2020

Pauline Nguyen Speaks is a best-selling author and award-winning businesswoman – and her achievements are all the more impressive for her having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp. She has overcome these adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo and hacking cultural norms to become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Key takeaways:

  • How to master your emotions to stay cool under pressure. 

  • Finding inner peace amongst the chaos and confusion.

  • Cultivating Self Mastery of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset.

Strong business acumen: What do I do today? With Brian Doughty and Vivian Nguyen - GG Summit 2020

Welcome to the interactive open discussion with our experts about some of the challenges that we are facing as businesses in this new era of COVID. We want to strengthen your business acumen today and want you to have your questions ready for our experts. The whole idea is to give you immediate results and advise for your business. Please ensure that you have your live or virtual pack ready for this session including the calculator that was sent to you.

Brian Doughty

Brian Doughty is the Principal of The Outsourced CFO and a Chartered Accountant, holding an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Brian focusses his skills on helping small business develop and grow. He’ll be answering all your financial questions.

Vivian Nguyen

Driven, strong and confident - Vivian Nguyen is a Partner at HNT Legal and leads the Commercial Law and Litigation Divisions of the firm with commanding force. Her unique ability to ‘think outside the box’ continues to ensure that her clients get the best options available to them and allows the firm to deliver services of a high-quality calibre. Vivain will be answering all your legal requirements. We also want to Vivian and her team for sponsoring our first Growth Gen.

The Seed of Growth Panel Discussion

The ability to cope and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks of business lies at the very heart of wellbeing. Being competent and confident to build active coping mechanisms to control challenges takes a lot of training, self-awareness and self-care. The challenge sometimes allows us to see a different perspective and is necessary to make us better leaders and stir us in the right direction. More importantly, to challenge our capability allows us to contribute to society by aligning our values to our business. Join our insightful seed of growth panel discussion.

DR Maria Zuschmann

Dr Maria Zuschmann or Dr M as she is affectionately known, has a passion for helping the community to feel and function better in all aspects of their lives and help them identify and remove interferences that are holding them back from their goals. She is an Integrative Chiropractor, Podcaster, Speaker, Facilitator, Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach.


Phil Preston

In his early work, Phil Preston was compelled to bring business and community interests together. He found that individuals and the businesses and organisations they work with can contribute something great, and his purpose is to help them realise that potential. He is a leading practitioner of ‘shared value’ principles, where business use the profit motive to help address social and environmental challenges.


Karen Lebsanft

What drives someone to build and lead a world class food manufacturing business with no experience in factories? Raised in the inner city housing commission by her grandmother. Karen Lebsanft is the founder and CEO of Kurrajong Kitchen Lavosh and as small business owner has had to endure the ups and downs of business to successfully lead in her industry.

Looking for business grants during these times?

Adventure Thinking: Navigate the Unknown with Justin Jonesy

Otherwise affectionately known as Jonesy, is Australia's pre-eminent Explorer, keynote speaker, adventure thinker and storyteller. His expeditions have taken him to the very corners of the world. He’s paddled a kayak from Australia to New Zealand, skied to the South Pole and back, and walked 1800km across the Australian Outback with his wife and one-year old daughter.


He currently holds two Guinness World Record and a place as one of Australia's 50 Greatest Explorers of all time. Over the past 18 years he has made a career of undertaking huge, epic, record setting expeditions around the world and sharing these on the stage and the screen.


A humble, charismatic and inspiring character…he is the perfect example of how determination, detailed planning and foresight can enable the most 'normal' of us to undertake the most extraordinary feats. Justin's inspirational story was so well received at Growth Gen 2020. This is a must watch video.

Heading 48 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business 5x Faster - Dale Beaumont

Are you ready to supercharge the growth of your business? If so, keep reading. Join 19 times best-selling author Dale Beaumont for an exclusive presentation. By attending you will discover "8 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business 5x Faster". These strategies have been tested on more than 30,000 business owners over the last 14 years. That means, we know they work. So do yourself a favour and be there.


In this presentation audience members will discover…

The 5 biggest marketing mistakes that most make and how to avoid them

How to generate over $30,000 worth of free media exposure for your business A clever piece of software that will double the open rates of your emails

What are ‘Systems’ and why they play a big role in your business success

A list of 105 things that you can outsource for less than $5 per hour 3 services that will save you thousands of dollars on web development

Why every business MUST use Facebook Re-targeting if you want more leads. Dale Beaumont is best known as an Award-Winning Technology Entrepreneur, International Speaker and the Author of 19 Best-Selling Books. 

How to get the right business structure in place from the start to avoid future pitfalls with PWC

Choosing the optimal structure involves a consideration of both the taxation and commercial objectives of the business. By implementing the optimal structure, businesses may experience significant benefits including asset protection, risk minimisation, reduced tax compliance and administrative burdens that will lead to growth. Join PWC's Rubal Walia and Steven Schipelliti on how to get the right business structure in place from the start to avoid future pitfalls. 



Steven is a Senior Consultant in the Private Clients Tax team based in Sydney and Parramatta. His experience spans over 8 years in the Private Clients industry, which includes a vast range of clients in different industries. Steven has worked with an extensive client base, including large and small business’, international and Australian businesses’ and large family groups. Steven has vast experience assisting clients with their everyday tax compliance obligations and providing the necessary assistance with adhoc tax consulting services."