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Successful small business owners are always thinking about how to increase their earnings even during times like this. When times are tough, every little bit of extra cash helps the business sustain and prepare for when that healthy bottom line kicks in.

1. What are some strategies to improve your bottom line through times like this?
2. There are practical strategies, what about the creative strategies for improving your bottom line?
3. What is the environment going to be like in 2023?

Join Krys on this years making the bottom line work panel.

“15 years ago, as a young couple with a growing family, the plunge into business ownership was not without challenge; business is full of ups and downs and has a lot of learning opportunities on the way; A self-confessed Workaholic I am part of a strong husband and wife team and love the journey that being a business owner brings”

Krys has a successful history in business start-ups; with a strong business acumen her strength is in systems and procedures and the establishment of strong teams in order to ensure business’ work strong without her and more importantly make a profit.

Her experience as a business owner began in 2007 when her husband Adam quit his job and established an Electrical and Mechanical business specializing in automation – Automated Control Solutions. After the creation of Automated combined with on the ground experience, and a compulsion for study, Krys and Adam started an accounts / bookkeeping / system streamliner company– Absolute Corporate Solutions; leaning on what they had learnt with Automated, this company has helped loads of people navigate through the messy terrains of Business.

In 2015 Adam and Krys established The Alphabet Academy Sydney growing it to multiple suites as of 2021.
In 2020 looking for the next challenge; the couple purchased their first territory with the brand Socca Joeys.
In 2021 – The Power couple have recently established Eduplay, an Educational program online with sensory supplies for children of all ages, this micro business started In COVID.

Her directorship of these company enables her and her team to share skills and experiences with other business owners, her strong skills in leadership, systems, and proven success in establishing business from the ground up along with a passion for learning allows her to bring a unique perspective to business.

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