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An EQ look at Attraction, Retention and Recruitment by Tina Fernandez

Session Summary

We all know what attraction, retention and recruitment look like in some form or another in business, but what is it through an EQ lens? Let’s take a look at what this might be or mean for you and your business.

Key Take Aways

1.Seek first to understand! Every door has two sides and is used by more than one person.

2.Plan the growth of your people along with the growth of your business and your own cycle all the way to exit. We’ve all got limited time. Make yours count.

3.Be Genuine in your Gratitude and Celebrate as often as possible. Genuine Gratitude is worth far more than any money you pay and Celebration is a way of acknowledging and saying thank you. Your team will always remember how you made them feel and how you helped them to succeed.

iCR8Safety’s creator and founder, Tina Fernandez, has more than 25 years’ of experience in human resources, risk, sales, commercial operations, business mentoring and coaching roles across multiple industries.

Tina’s professional experience, working at all levels including direct reporting lines to C-levels and boards, has equipped her with a unique perspective.
Many of Tina’s roles have contributed to her understanding of where unsafe practices sit within organisations and the barriers senior executives and boards face in recognising them. Tina has practical experience in mapping out the unsafe pathways that exist within organisations and understanding the gaps that delay successful outcomes and how to shift these. Coaching at life, business and executive levels has allowed Tina to consistently nurture and grow safe spaces across her diverse portfolio.
In addition to her professional background,

Tina has nearly 25 years’ experience in the mindfulness space having both studied and taught eastern philosophies and meditation. These ancient practices focus on the internal journey every individual undertakes and the way each of us perceives and translates our thoughts and emotions into the actions that are played out in daily life.

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